Monday, September 17, 2012

The Rich Girl By NotThatKindOfGal

I'm a sucker for romance and when I feel like reading online I automatically go to Wattpad- in my opinion is the best website to read some amazing stories by some extraordinarily authors.

Well the story for today from one amazing author from Wattpad is That Rich Girl by NotThatKindofGal.

That Rich Girl is a story I recommend to anyone that love to read Romance. The story is about this girl named Bree Litman whose family is wealthy rich, but despite all that she''s not happy with all the money she has. Attempting kidnapping has been happening to her and when one kidnapping almost destroy her life with an incident she dies a little inside. Her parents send her away to school and things start to change when she meet five handsome and extraordinary friends.

I honestly love this book. I love books that when you start reading there this feeling that take over you and you want to read more and more until you realized your finished reading the whole book. That's exactly what happen to me with this book. Not only you can see how well the story flows but you can also see how vivid her characters are, the twisted story lines.

If you want to read something that would make you laugh, cry, and feel love, That Rich Girl is the story for you.

I think you guys should check this story out. You won't regret read it.  Well guys until the next one. Hope you guys enjoy this one.

Check her story at Wattpad

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